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W.A. Anderson Consulting, LLC dba W.A. Anderson CPA is a Florida licensed Certified Public Accountancy Firm. We provide Audit Readiness, Outsourced Controller/CFO and Tax services to public and private companies, government and non profit entities. We also partner with audit firms to complement their audit teams on an as needed basis.


Stress free, shorter audits

For many organizations, the annual external audit process can be very demanding and stressful with many staff members being asked to handle their regular job functions and prepare for a deadline audit at the same time.

With W.A. Anderson CPA as your partner, we ensure that the audit process is efficiently managed from start to end, which translates to a shortening of the audit duration and reduction in audit fees.

We bring the skill, knowledge and expertise garnered from over 15 years of public accounting experience, planning and performing audits for clients across a wide cross section of industries.


Business advisors on call

Many small and medium sized businesses would love to access the expertise of a Chief Financial Officer or Financial Controller without being saddled with the financial burden associated with a full time professional. Our firm can provide this expertise on a part time basis to ensure that your company’s needs are being met cost effectively. Whether you need advice on an Internal Control Assessment and Implementation project, developing your 5 year strategic plan or Implementing a new accounting standard, we are here to assist.


Ensuring regulatory compliance

We provide our clients with tax planning guidance to legally reduce their tax liabilities and assist them with interpreting the ever- changing tax laws impacting them. We prepare a wide range of tax returns, including:

1. Corporate returns

2. Non profit returns

3. Sales tax returns

4. Payroll tax returns

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Please call us at (954) 233-9458 or (813) 683-5038 today - we'll be happy to offer you a free consultation. Thanks for visiting!

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Our services include:
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If you are looking for a blend of personal service and expertise, you have come to the right place! We offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives and independent professionals. Our rates are affordable. We are experienced and we're friendly. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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